Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Process is the Product

I was taught - the Process is the Product. In all honesty, I was told this ages ago when I was new in sales (a little over 30 years!). Never before has it hit home like has since I have started internet businesses.

And, whether you are on the street or in your seat - it rings true and you should put this in your business.

When we sell - whatever the product - we win or we loose, right? We walk away as a winner - we made money! Yeahhhh. Or, we didn't - depression! If you are new to the market, you need to make money - NOW. The more simple the process can be, the more money that can be made is most important. Then, after you have a source of income, then you can go back over and learn and earn more in other areas.

Well, what I needed and looked for was the process of duplication (others have to be able to follow the process) and the Process is the Product (ways of making multiple streams of income and selling my product). Now, I watch my primary product and if it is not making enough, I leave my process in tac, but change the product!

I have been really excited about the process with Here are the main reasons as I shared some of these within this article. 1) this system provides you with multiple incomes. Yes!!! What if - someone JUST wants a domain name? It's here. They can get their domain name and leave! Usually, they don't. 2) They need an autoresponder (it's in here, too). And so on (as you go down through the program, you can see all the benefits). Each stop a customer takes and makes, you get paid! 3) But, the main reason I am sharing - this isn't MY program - I didn't create it, (I wish I had) - but I believe it is one of the best because of all the time put into it, the multiple lines of income, the ongoing training and coaching. This is truly a masterpiece.

I like to compare brick/mortar with the internet business. I remember training sales reps. This was back before we had the internet (and, no, I'm not telling you my age)!! The constant repetition, support, riding along, monitoring, checking "apps", phone calls, over and over again - and this was repeated with each representative! Wow - talk about time consuming. But here - you have a couple of guys that really know their stuff - and they are willing to share it in this format. And when you are done - you can go on with confidence with other sites and products and whatever you want to build - thanks to this Pay It Forward site. I will always be grateful to Joel and Paul!

I was kinda doubting this system when I first started! Then I had to laugh at myself! Here's the joke on me: IF I WAS GOING THROUGH THE PROCESS AND PURCHASING ALL THE AFFILIATE PROGRAMS THAT WOULD HELP ME SET UP MY BUSINESS - WOULDN'T OTHERS?

Of course they would, and they are.

The Process makes you money. Not many programs are out there like this! Another tremendous feature is all the training! I love training - I want to learn everything about the internet and this business - and it is all here. How awesome.

If you are creating a site and you want to get customers - think what would be best for them and what they want! Then provide it. What can you do that would get money into their pockets faster and more of it?

I am constantly reviewing sites. I respond to very few of them. (Not that they aren't good, I just want to concentrate on the process they are putting forth and the benefit.)

I am a marketer - have been a street marketer for over 30 years. Now I am learning to be a seat marketer! But - the principles are very much the same.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How To Pick A Business

How to Pick A Business:

One of the hardest concepts to accept is that people may not buy what you want to sell! People want to buy what they want to buy! When I started in marketing - I wanted to sell people what excited me and I thought they would like it because I did! Wrong!
You see, we are all different. We have different interests. We can't look at business as though people will buy because we like it.
Okay - I didn't make this up! I was taught this by a phenominal coach! (remember, I told you I hired a coach - I was serious)!!
What he told me to do was learn for myself what people really were buying - then - SELL THAT! Ummmmm - that's a cool revelation!
So - how do you start?
This is time consuming - so get a cup of coffee or a soda!
Get on the net, and start searching through Amazon, Google, Clickbank, you can even BUY things. Find best seller lists at Amazon. Ebay is another good one. You need to do some research here and find out what people are buying.
Are you an inventor? Maybe you have made something that you wish to sell instead of selling what others have. Doing some research is a good way to see how your creation will sell. You may even find someone that would like to sell it for you.
But the most important thing here is to find out what is popular.
One of the things that I did (thanks to my coach) (and, I must add that this process helped me in all things) was to sign up for I learned the process.
You may already have a product. That is great. But now what? Well, why I am so excited about is that it is a step by step process that allows you to put it all together - your ad company, your leads, your website, picking out your domain name, and so on. Then, just put your business in as the primary business.
You are ready!
There will be some "tweeking" - but you now have a complete funded franchise! And, you have your primary business inserted! So the process is the product and you make money on each step as you refer others to your site! Not bad for a beginner!

What do people want to buy? That is the question. And how do you find out - where to look.

Why Start A Business?

The economy scares many people! But, if we go back into history - you will find that there has been many "recessions" starting as far back as 1797-1800 when the Bank of England deflated! Then we had 1807, 1819, 1837, 1857, 1873, 1893, 1907, 1918, the great depression of 1929, 1953, 1957, 1960, 1973 (actually 2 - the oil crisis and also the stock market crash), 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and the current one starting in December of 2007.

Now - why did I tell you this? Because we FORGET! Folks, we have been here before! And what is most exciting is that we OVERCAME! These recessions affect us in horrible ways - loss of jobs, homes, incomes, effects to our health, so on. A great book, "The Brain Longevity" by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. talks about the effects of stress on our health! So it is no wonder that we have lots of stress related illnesses! However, recessions many times help to also "readjust" the system. Not a good thing to tell someone who has just lost their job and don't know where to turn! But, many times we are forced out of our "comfort zone" and we take new steps to success. Many, many have overcome adversities this same way.

This reality is exactly what made me go into Internet & Network Marketing. I have been in sales for over 30 years. If I keet doing the same thing I have always done - will I be ahead in the next 30 years! Well, with the economy as it is right now, my answer was obvious and I knew I had to step out from my "comfort zone" and begin searching and learning!

Many times I think about the precious stones and gems that we have - as the diamond, the pearl, and even gold! And if we think about how they are made - diamonds are created under pressure, pearls are created by irritation, and gold is purified by fire! We, too, must be shaped, pressured, irritants enter our lives, and many of us feel we have walked through fire! All of these "life lessons" are there for a purpose. We step out, stick with it, make it happen, come out victorious! We just need to keep on keeping on!

I am here to encourage you to have your own home business, whether internet or product, because you need the tax breaks. You may be someone that quickly finds all the necessary pieces of the business and become successful. Then, again, you may be someone that needs a road map (that was me!) and if you follow it closely - you will succeed. In either case, this program is designed to help you.

Not only are the tax breaks a welcomed site on your 1040 Tax Return, but by building your own business at home, you have freedom, the opportunity to make much more than a regular "job" can give. In the beginning, you may be working your full time job and your home business at the same time. I set a goal - I said that when my Internet Business made as much a month as 6 sales in the month, then I would go full time with my Internet Business. And that is what I did! You may want to set a goal such as that for yourself - example, "when my home based business creates the same income as my regular job and my spouse's job - we will be full time in the home business". Wouldn't that be great! Or, you may just want a little extra, but still enjoy the tax breaks of a home business. Whatever your dream is - claim it.

I believe the very best thing we can do - is to focus on WHAT WE WANT. Write it down, make a list, read it every day. Find pictures that you can put on a "vision board" for you and your family. Commit to achieving. A great book: Jack Canfield's "Key to Living the Law of Attraction".

WARNING: At this point, you will have friends and family

say that it can't be done. You must resist the temptation

to throw away your dreams! You must believe in yourself.

Maybe here would be a good time to ask ourselves what we believe the word Freedom means to us. The freedom to work the hours you want to work. The freedom to take off work, go on vacation when it is best for you. Freedom to make as much as you want - change your financial picture, control your paycheck. Freedom to start in the morning when the children have left for school. Freedom to pick them up when they need you. Freedom from the worry of loosing your "job" when the next "cut" comes. Freedom of taking your spouse away for the week just to spend time together. There are so many descriptions of Freedom and you have some special ones of your own.

Internet Marketing/Network Marketing/Home Based Businesses are the fastest growing businesses today. These businesses are making millionaires quicker than any other business! And if you were to talk to other millionaires, the majority would tell you that they were involved in Internet Marketing/Network Marketing at some time in their life. How many of us wished we had been involved in Avon, Amway, Tupperware, PrePaid Legal, etc., at the very, very beginning and stuck with it! Where would we be today!

By the way - I was curious - I wanted to see how many sites there were for: Home Based Business (54,500,000), Internet Marketing (2,120,000,000) and Network Marketing (549,000,000). Of course those numbers are going up all the time! But the numbers give us a good guideline as to how many people are making decisions to change their life.

The average house hold income in America today is $25,000 with 2 checks coming into the home. Most people are using and maximizing their credit cards - the average credit card debt is $9,000. The interest rates on those cards vary from 5-27% or more, very very few are ever less. And with FILO (first in, last out) you can see that it is nearly impossible to get rid of this debt. Also, a major credit card company is raising their interest rate to 10% and if you are late once - then it goes to 25-27%. The only way we believe we have to get out of this "mess" is get another job! You may even believe that you have to go back to school and get a degree. We need to teach our children about finances. Most schools - elementary, high school and college - do not teach principles of finance.

Ever read: Rich Dad, Poor Dad - by Robert Kiyosaki? He teaches great lessons. He also did a book with Donald Trump: "Why We Want You To Be Rich". These books make you think - deep think!

While we are making money with our Internet business - we need to be learning how to handle this money so we get the maximum use of it! AND we never fall into a deficet situation again - and we can avoid charge cards and their massive interest rates! Learn the difference between good debt and bad debt (In Robert Kiyosaki's book).

Are You tired of living from pay check to pay check?

Are you tired of struggling to provide for yourself and/or your family?

Are you ready to make that first step for change?

If your answers are YES - then you need to continue. We are just talking about setting up a Home-Based business - then, we can talk about products, services, etc., that are available to you (which are many, many, many).

You can live poor the rest of your life or

you can begin living rich!

If you read Robert Kiyosaki's book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad you will get 2 different viewpoints about being rich or being poor. This is a great book to begin your path to riches.

I would say that some of the greatest reasons to have your own business, for me anyway, are: 1) I am my own boss. 2) I don't get involved in office politics and who said what - you know, the gossip line, 3) I run my own time 4) I usually wear jeans all day (love 'em), 5) I have control over what I make - if I need more, I work a few more hours, simple as that. There are so many reasons to "strike" out on a new business!

However, let's choose wisely! You can either search like I did for 3 years (frustrating) to find all the pieces that fit OR you can listen to a person that has done it for us! Joel Broughton designed marketing system that is being talked about as the best "Funded Sponsorship" program out. By the time you go to bed tonight, you can start utilizing the benefits of your business!

Here was MY problem: I knew the Internet was a great place to have a business - I bought many items over the "net". I didn't know HOW to put it together. I knew I needed a website, ads, leads, autoresponders, an online business, so on and so on. I didn't know how to put it together, and I didn't know who to trust. And I didn't know how to get educated quickly enough to do this.

What makes Joel Broughton's system so wonderful is that it is a step by step process that will help you line by line. As my coach, Chris, says - the Process is the Product! Wow - that is powerful.

97% of Businesses Fail within 5 years? But, less than 5% of business that are run on systems (such as franchises - i.e., McDonalds, Google, FedEx, Wendy's, Subway, to name a few) ever fail. The key to these companies is a simple duplicatable system that can be repeated and anyone can do. We are talking about a "franchise" system - one that is duplicatible.

You may agree that once you get on the net, you get "bombarded" with all kinds of services - it only adds to the confusion. But, you can get onto and follow line by line - stay with it, don't get confused with all the others out there, just follow what Joel Broughton teaches you, just like he taught me.

Since then, I have been really enjoying the Internet, network marketing, forums, blogs, making friends online, learning and sharing and teaching, oh, and making money!

You need a foundation for learning - one that is proven. This is why I am sending you to the "guru" of Funded Sponsorship of Joel's. There is no one else that can teach this system like he does. After that - then you, too, will expand your learning and experiences while you make money.

Something else that is very important here - the success of any Network Marketing and/or Affiliate Marketing program depends on who you know or by talking to your friends and family members and getting them into your business! Get out there and talk! Once you are on the Internet and you have got your "franchise" all set up - TALK! You want as many people as possible to know about you - remember what my coach said: Your Process is Your Product.

Another book that is extremely helpful to you is Michaele E. Gerber's "E-Myth". The principles taught in this book are the principles that Joel used to set up this Funded Sponsoring program that works like a dream. As you look at Joel's program, you will also note the tremendous training - ongoing, easy to follow, complete, training. That is why I said to "ignore" others while I was setting up my system. I needed to be and stay focused.

Let's review: Why Start a home business: Business Owners Earn Higher Incomes, Inflation protection, Tax Breaks, Time Freedom, Money Works Hard For You, Instead of making someone else successful, you are making YOURSELF successful, Spend more time with your family, Vacation when you want to, Take deductions that only Business Owners can take. These are all good reasons, and I am sure you have more to add.
What I believe with all my heart - is "It has to happen inside, before it can happen for real". This is so very true. You must begin right now by believing in yourself. Start visualizing yourself as already being successful. See yourself on vacation with a 6 or 7 figure income happening RIGHT now. It is amazing the positive vibrations that come from those that have things "going their way" and how good it feels to be in their presence! Same is true for you. Become this magnet that draws the good into your life. It starts right now. Don't put this off. And, if you start thinking negatively, STOP - realize what you are doing and then STOP. Put is a positive thought and draw the good to you.

Okay, you have enough information to really get started. Go online, look up: By the time you go to bed tonight, you could be owning your own business and getting yourself positioned to success. Start now.

Linda D. Christiano
Blessings for a brighter future!


One of my favorite authors: Napoleon Hill, writes: It is most appalling to know that 95 percent of the people of the world are drifting aimlessly through life, without the slightest concept of the work for which they are best fitted, and with no concept whatsoever of even the need for such a thing as a definite objective toward which to strive". ( Napoleon Hill's Law Of Success).

Did you know that 97% of all businesses fail not just network marketing ( Michaele E. Gerber in his book The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It)(
I hired a coach - which brought me to Joel Broughton( This site is one of the best! You see, one of my problems was Learning! I didn't know what to do first - or next - or the how to's of getting an Internet Home based business! Joel Broughton taught me! Line by Line by Line! IF you follow his advise - and his direction - by the end of the day you will have a Funded Sponsoring System just like me.

Joel Broughton followed the same principles taught by Michaele E. Gerber in his book "The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most small businesses Don't Work and What To Do About It". Oh, yes, it might be helpful to tell you that Joel earned over $3,000,000 in the past couple of years in network marketing and affiliate marketing by using this system and has helped thousands of other people to make a living in network marketing.

It is so difficult to give you all the answers here - but if you will just go to you will be able to test this system yourself.

Some of us wake up and believe with all our hearts that we can make our life better by starting our own business! And we do!! Some take longer because of the learning process, some of us are lucky and find the right system that pulls it all together for us because they lived in our shoes at one time. The best system to start your learning is By the time you go to bed, you could have your business set up. You could wake up tomorrow and begin taking the tax breaks others are privy to. You could open up a whole new page - full of excitement - of your life. You can begin living your life of freedom. It takes the first step!

There are books that help us grow and help us change the way we have been programmed. These are very helpful: E-Myth Mastery, CashFlow Quandrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom", Napoleon Hill's Law of Success.

It is time to take the first step. Won't you? Remember, the process is the product! Learn this process - share it with family, friends, neighbors, - get them using the process - go to: You will be very glad you did!