Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memberships & Internet

Just thought we should talk about memberships and the internet. Not to confuse you with the website.

I believe when we are talking about people - whether on the internet or in social clubs or business - we need to utilize good people skills. The message about making members in organizations feel good about themselves, give them value, is the same as doing business whether online or offline. Service organizations are businesses and should be run like a business. However, along with all that we do, it is imperitive that we meet needs.

If needs are not met, people will leave - whether memberships in your internet business or memberships in organizations, as well as companies with employees.

I believed that I needed to explain why you see so much information on memberships and the internet on the same site. It is because I believe that these skills are important to be successful in all dealings with "humans".

Let's hear from others out there - your ideas are important, we need to hear from you so we all can grow!



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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting new members

Getting new members can be difficult for any organization, especially during economic times. When the money is "short", we will all drop out things that we perceive "not important enough" to pay the money to. Membership is one of them.
Time to do a club analysis!
1. Does your club add VALUE to a person's life? Is it worth the money to be there?
People will pay for added value in their life. Have speakers worth listening to. Make sure
that each person is made to feel important. People do not join because they want to give
away their time and money - they join to add value to their life either by giving or serving
or they need friends, connections. Do you know why your members are there? Meet the
2. Does your club have FUN?
When our lives are full of stress, laughing is the best medicine! Laughing has even been
proven to "heal"!! Your meeting should be an "escape" from daily routines and should
give members a "great time". They should feel so good about the meeting that they will
go out and tell others and bring them to the meeting!
3. Does your club give everyone a chance to serve?
You may have members that want to serve - maybe in administration - are you allowing
this or are the same ones doing all the work? Get people involved -- allow them to shine!
Take pictures and put them in the local newspaper - let your members be heroes!
Let's close the back door (those members leaving) by allowing them to feel good about themselves, giving them opportunities to serve in their desired capacity, sharing their stories with others. Let's open the front door by having so much FUN AND VALUE that people want and need to be there with you!
More than ever before - service organizations are needed. I just happen to be a Kiwanian. There are many others. I have been blessed to actually see the difference that is made in a community because someone cared - someone served!
Let's all reach out to communities all over the world - let's get involved - let's make a difference - let's touch lives.
Our future really is in our hands - we can choose to participate in the negative - or we can choose to participate and live in the positive.
My wish for you is that you will see the need and share the service!

Going Green

Just thought I would add a product that I have tried! I am going green - yep - with all the news about mother earth, pollutants, concern over grandchildren - and so many more reasons, I am really going green!

I have tried a product and I thought that I would share it with you - "Nature's Source natural glass & surface cleaner" by Windex. It really cleans windows and mirrors! Streak-free, I might add.

I know this is far from what we talk about, but it really works.

Oh - heard another one from a lady who uses it. If you put those fabric softener toweletts in a child's pocket - mosquitos won't bother them!! Wow - that is a great one!!!

Have a super day and thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was fortunate to attend the Kiwanis International Convention in Nashville, Tennessee last week. We always feel good when we are around friends! But something much more important was happening.

We learned how important and how valuable "belonging" is to our lives. The economy will touch all of us. There will be people turning back to their community for support, even the old fashioned "bartering" system will become common again.

Just think about our volunteers and the hours they give to their community - they are priceless.

If you are not involved in a volunteer organization - you are missing one of the most valuable part of life. There are several to choose from - Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, and many more. Take a moment - find out the differences and what they do - then get involved!

Best thing to do for you and your family and your community!