Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You Can Succeed!

Yes, You can! Sometimes we just need a friend to help us! This business is no different that going out your door at 7:am and coming home at 5pm. Think about what you do each day. Are you giving at least 8 hours a day of "work"?? Most will say NO. Most will say that they got into this business to give them "time freedom". That is all and good - IF you have "paid the price".

Everyone that is successful in Internet and Network Marketing will tell you that they really poured their time and focus into their business. They built it block by block. Now they reap the benefits.

One of the major problems in our American society today is the "entitlement" mentality. It just doesn't work for the betterment of ourselves or others. We must pay the price.

I have been working this for 7 months now. I hired a coach. I have listened and am STILL listening to the gurus. My coach keeps me focused while I learn. Believe me, it is easy to get side-tracked with all the information out there. Then I get a call from my coach, Chris, and he gets me on track again.

Listen - truly listen. If you are lucky and you have a coach - great. If you have found the answers - great. But what about those that haven't. Your desire is there - but you get really confused. You need a track - a trainer - a system.

I can share with you what I have done - without hiring a coach - and if you want a coach, I can share mine!

My coach sent me to a sponsored funded program - all automated. I just needed to join affilates, plug in my urls, and away I go.

Check it out - http://www.newrichreport.com/b2mlinda

This program is a step by step - follow it all the way down. What it does is set up your domain name, your primary business, GVO Kiosk.ws, Clickbank, etc. When you are done - you will have a marketable system that not only brings in money, but TEACHES you the system. The primary on this will take you to the Renegade Network Marketer System which will also produce income and train you.

When you are new, you must have a system that works. And you must pay the time and learn. Whatever you choose to do, the principles are the same!

So - I hope this helps a couple of you. Roll up your sleeves, dig in, and make it happen. Another key to success - is don't quit! You may get frustrated, confused. Don't quit. Ask for help. Just keep going over and over. The puzzle will come together, honest. And, the rewards are HUGE!

Blessings today!


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