Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memberships & Internet

Just thought we should talk about memberships and the internet. Not to confuse you with the website.

I believe when we are talking about people - whether on the internet or in social clubs or business - we need to utilize good people skills. The message about making members in organizations feel good about themselves, give them value, is the same as doing business whether online or offline. Service organizations are businesses and should be run like a business. However, along with all that we do, it is imperitive that we meet needs.

If needs are not met, people will leave - whether memberships in your internet business or memberships in organizations, as well as companies with employees.

I believed that I needed to explain why you see so much information on memberships and the internet on the same site. It is because I believe that these skills are important to be successful in all dealings with "humans".

Let's hear from others out there - your ideas are important, we need to hear from you so we all can grow!



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